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How Artificial Intelligence will Impact Our Lives in the Coming Decades

Weekly Musings In The World Of AI
Weekly Musings In The World Of AI
Artificial intelligence is not a future spectacle anymore. These days, we can see inventions like driverless vehicles and helpful robots such as Alexa from Google. In the coming years, AI will enhance the quality of our lives through its intelligence and efficiency. Where humans can make errors and show incompetency, AI will ideally be programmed to perform and yield positive outcomes. In this article, we will be discussing how AI will affect different fields in the future. 

Better Healthcare Services
AI will be crucial in helping to prevent a large percentage of errors in the healthcare sector. AI in healthcare will help democratize the industry for the betterment of patients and healthcare professionals while reducing costs and improving accuracy through predictive treatment. Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are used to analyze patients’ history better through different elements like their birthplace, dietary habits, and local air quality. Future healthcare systems driven by AI may also be able to predict when an individual will acquire a chronic illness and offer preemptive treatment to stop it before it worsens.
The development of AI-powered apps to assist doctors in diagnosing and treating patients is also the subject of several studies. This technology will undoubtedly revolutionize how patients receive better medical treatment. As robots communicate with patients, monitor their health, and assess whether or not a doctor’s appointment is still necessary for the future, you may anticipate an entirely new future for healthcare. While doctors will always be needed, AI will make our life easier by improving the efficiency of the diagnostic medical data we require.
Efficient Retail Services
Future drones driven by AI could deliver items weighing up to five pounds in about 30 minutes. These drones are not yet available for commercial purposes, but people might be able to see driverless delivery of products and food using drones within the next 10 years.
In addition to driverless delivery, the future of AI in retail will be more personalized and customized. Plausible scenarios include connected changing rooms with screens and virtual racks customized for people of all types of personalities and choices. AI will also be able to observe and save the past choices of a person, making their next shopping trip much less stressful and chaotic.
Personalized Banking Services
With lower costs, more productivity, and better customer experiences, artificial intelligence is expected to dominate sectors like banking and finance in the coming 10 years. Chatbots in financial services will transform the banking industry, saving consumers and wealth managers a significant amount of time. Banks will employ AI to personalize consumer experiences in the future, so customers’ identification will no longer be made through ID cards. In addition, packages and services will also be customized for individuals based on their past experiences and predictions.
Better Security of Our Data
Every business must prioritize data security, and in the digital age, cyberattacks are increasing significantly. Your data would be made more secure and safe with the help of AI. Current examples include the AEG bot and the AI2 Platform. They are used to identify technical glitches and cyber-attacks more accurately.
Social Media Management
There are billions of user accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, all of which need to be saved and handled highly effectively. AI will be able to manage and organize massive volumes of data. AI will also help analyze the data to find the newest hashtags and trends.
The Future of Gaming
AI will also transform the world of gaming. The AI machines would be capable of playing challenging games like chess, which require a lot of creative thinking on both ends.
Easy Traveling  
The need for AI in the tourism industry is increasing. AI machines can do various travel-related tasks, including planning trips and recommending hotels, airlines, and the best routes to clients. AI-powered chatbots would be used in the travel industry to communicate with clients in a human-like manner for better and quicker responses.
Driverless Vehicles
Some sectors in the automotive sector are utilizing AI to give its users virtual assistants for better performance. Tesla, for example, just unveiled TeslaBot, a clever virtual assistant. Many industries are actively attempting to build self-driving automobiles that can increase the safety and security of your travel.
The Vast Field of Robotics
In robotics, artificial intelligence plays a unique role. Most of the time, general-purpose robots are programmed to carry out simple tasks. However, with the aid of AI, we can develop intelligent robots that can carry out activities based on their own experiences rather than being pre-programmed.
Employment opportunities
Artificial intelligence has opened a massive door to employment opportunities. It was studied that from 2019, companies will start taking on many more artificial intelligence projects. However, there is still a shortage of talented individuals. People who are interested in contributing to this new era of technology and industrialization can do so by pursuing careers in fields like data sciences, robotics, and AI. 
Most universities now offer a data science degree for individuals interested in the AI future. The graduate diploma in data science is designed to teach you scientific analysis, skills, decision making, machine learning, and data visualization and management. In as little as 16 months, you can become a master’s in data science and pave your path towards a prosperous and advanced AI future. 
The cases discussed above are only a few examples of how easy and efficient our lives would be with artificial intelligence. This future AI developments may seem too complex and far off, yet they will arrive faster than we can imagine. Leading technological firms are competing to integrate artificial intelligence into our daily lives, which will pave the way for a unique and advanced future.
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Weekly Musings In The World Of AI
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