Artificial Intelligence In the Fight Against Climate Change



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Weekly Musings In The World Of AI
Weekly Musings In The World Of AI
AI has already played an important role in the way that we monitor natural disasters, design greener smart cities, and use renewable energy. For example, it could help reduce power outages by sending alerts when there is low wind or sun radiation so you don’t miss any hours of use.
With the ability to seamlessly communicate with energy providers, this system could help households reduce their power bills by minimizing unused lights or EVs sending excess electricity back into the grid.

By 2030, the tech could help cut global greenhouse gas emissions by 4% according to a recent study by accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers for Microsoft. The company is developing machine learning products in order to reduce its carbon footprint and combat climate change at the same time
Peter Clutton-Brock, co-founder of the Centre for AI and Climate (CAIC), a Britain-based think tank, said the technology was “pushing back boundaries” for climate modeling.
AI can process huge amounts of unstructured data like pictures, graphs, and maps, opening “huge possibilities for understanding the dynamics around the sea-level rise and ice sheets,” he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
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EP Technology
#ArtificiallIntelligence: the new draft report by the @EP_ArtifIntel highlights the huge potential of AI against climate change, pandemics and in the labour market if ethical risks are addressed👉
Mila Professor @david_rolnick and postdoc @SashaMTL contributed to a major report presented at @COP26 earlier this week, offering specific recommendations on how AI can help mitigate climate challenges.
IoT North
Enlightening talk from @RobertGhiz on #5G at #cengnsummit ... "5G is more than faster connectivity" ... it "supports shift to industry 4.0" based on #IoT w/ huge involvement of #AI ... aaand "it has a role to play in the fight against #climate change"

#aiot #iotnorth #aiotcanada
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Weekly Musings In The World Of AI
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