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Artificial Intelligence as the Future of Digital Banking

Weekly Musings In The World Of AI
Weekly Musings In The World Of AI
AI has been a major player in the banking world for years. Initially introduced as automated customer chat-bots, AIs have continued to make strides with their dynamic capabilities that are sure to delight any demanding clientele they serve.
Clients, especially those in this sector and even more so because of how much they rely on accountancy to manage their finances well, welcome any development as it means a better way for them. The ability to have transparency between parties is also highly valued - something which artificial intelligence can help with through the use of technology already present at banks today.

Harnessing the abilities of artificial intelligence will aid a variety of technology in place to mimic human interactions and perform necessary tasks in banking halls. These tasks may include:
  • Account management
  • Funds transfer
  • Bill payment
  • Risk assessment
  • Automating reports and financial documentation
Artificial intelligence, or AI for short is not new to the banking system; as auto-tellers machines and enhanced CCTV cameras are common features around banks. Soon you can look forward to using big data analytics along with machine learning algorithms when it comes time to manage your finances in this fast-changing landscape of ours!
The chatbot will be able to offer financial guidance through personalized advice tailored specifically towards what they need help managing at any given moment which could make all the difference between success & regret later down life’s rocky road.
The future is now. Artificial Intelligence has become a part of our lives, and it’s here to stay! Machines are taking over jobs that human beings used do in the past- so what can you say about this growing trend?
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#DVDB | #AI is fast becoming a key differentiator in levels of service between financial institutions. Our Group Industry Director @FranckCoisnon makes the case for why in the @IntlBanker
Christina Alonso
The traditional model of banking can be made to be faster, smarter, and more customer-friendly through the powers of AI! Read this article to find out how to integrate AI into many different scopes of banking & how it will vastly improve these areas.
#AI technologies present #banks with new opportunities to fundamentally improve the products and services they offer.

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Weekly Musings In The World Of AI
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