7 Trends in Artificial Intelligence Every Founder Should Pay Attention To



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Weekly Musings In The World Of AI
Weekly Musings In The World Of AI
A.I. technology is becoming more sophisticated and more affordable for small businesses.
The future of artificial intelligence is bright and it seems like everyone wants in on the action. In 2021, private companies invested $93.5 billion into AI-more than double that from 2020 alone! With more funding comes even better inventions: patents filed for AIs increased 30 times over 2015 levels according to this year’s report by Stanford University’s Institute for Human centered artificial intelligence (HCAI).

To make sure you’re up to speed on the latest A.I. developments, here are seven trends cited in the report.
1. A.I. Cooperation Between the U.S. and China
The U.S. and China are teaming up to work on artificial intelligence, a move that could have big implications for the future of technology. The two countries announced a joint A.I. research effort on Monday, with the goal of advancing their understanding of the technology and working together to develop ethical standards for its use. This is a major development, as the two nations are often seen as rivals in the field of A.I.
2. Language models are getting smarter, but also more biased.
Language models are becoming increasingly sophisticated because there is more data to pull from. However, these algorithms can have racial or gender bias which could lead them to some severe conclusions about people in general. A larger language model has greater potential for mistakes due to its increased accuracy when predicting words based on how they’re written rather than individual personalities.
3. A.I. ethics are increasingly important.
As artificial intelligence technology becomes more sophisticated, the ethical implications of its use become more complex. Businesses and individuals must consider the implications of A.I.‘s impact on society as a whole as they make decisions about its implementation. There are many potential benefits to using A.I., but we must also ensure that these technologies are used responsibly in order to avoid negative consequences. In this article, we will explore some of the key ethical considerations related to A.I.
4. A.I. is getting faster and more affordable.
Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. It has the potential to make our lives easier and help us become more productive. A.I. is also getting faster and more affordable, which means that it is becoming accessible to a wider range of people. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of A.I., as well as some of the best ways to get started with it!
5. More companies rely on extra training data.
As businesses strive to stay competitive in today’s economy, many are turning to extra training data to give them an edge. By using data that is not traditionally used for training models, these companies are able to achieve better results and improve their bottom line. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using extra training data and how it can help your business compete in today’s market.
6. Global A.I. legislation is growing.
The growing number of bills containing artificial intelligence has drawn attention from across the world. With 18 passed in just two years, it’s clear that this technology is here to stay. The top three countries with most legislation related to AIs are Spain (7), America(6), and Britain(5).
7. Robotic arms are becoming more affordable.
The cost of robotic technology is decreasing, which can be good news for startups. The median price has decreased by roughly half in just five years from $42K per arm to around 22 thousand dollars today.
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